Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Wow... Totally forgot I made one of these... This is really pointless... I am the only person who will ever read this... why would anyone search for cheese? I have been surfing pro-anorexia web sites very bizarre but enjoyable I wonder whether they are cheerleaders that are just fucking with the general population... Some natural size 0 pretends like she's anorexic so she can torture the rest of the population with some weird website like all the other members are her personal high school underlings... YEAH, TRUST ME: NOT EATING IS FUN! OK... now I am being bizarre... I'll put Jenny Peterson's name here to give her credit for this sad little blogger and so she might search for herself someday and laugh. Providence friends forever! Go closet homosexuals!

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

I will embark on this web-tastic journey. I will confirm my conformist ways by joining up with yet another internet fad to be shoved away in a month or two. I will ignore the voice in my head that constantly reminds me how stupid I am. I apply to UIC...I eat a bowl of soup...I watch Jenny Jones...They're too fat to wear that...I e-mail Miss Jones for tickets... I remember my other friend Jenny and her Blogger... I join... I am such a damn joiner!

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